Can the party be in a public place? Yes! As long as you’ve organised a separate area with enough space (please see below).

What about music? We will bring music or you can use your own if you like. Please provide iPod speakers or a CD player to use.

Where can I get a Pinup outfit? There are lots of great places to source pinup style clothes, including Gran’s wardrobe and op shops. Some good retailers of reproduction clothes include Atomic Cherry online store, Your One Stop Pinup Shop and That Shop.

How much space is needed? Enough room for everyone to pose, strut and for two people to hoola hoop at the same time.


Do you provide wardrobe hire? We don't do wardrobe hire. We find that girls love to plan and source their own outfits for the day.


What should the girls bring for the hair and makeup workshop? Concealer, foundation, blush, mascara, liquid eyeliner, a pink or red lipstick, false lashes and glue (if they have them/want to wear them), a hairbrush, hot rollers or a curling iron if they have one, tail comb, bobby pins and any hair accessories they'd like to wear eg. a bandana, hair flower etc.